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Certain vehicles and loads cannot be moved on public roads without exceeding the limitations in terms of the dimensions and/or mass as prescribed in the Regulations of the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996). Where such a vehicle or load cannot be dismantled without disproportionate effort, expense or risk of damage, into units that can travel or be transported legally, it is classified as an abnormal load. When the movement of an abnormal load is considered to be in the economic and/or social interest of the country, a special permit may be issued to allow it to operate on a public road for a limited period. Permits are normally issued by the Provincial Road Authorities and, if necessary, input is obtained from local and metropolitan authorities.


The overall objective of this site is to disseminate information and serve as a conduit of abnormal loads related information to the South African road authorities and industry. Currently under development is a national permits database that will enable users to view permit specific information such as statistics and trends in abnormal loads movements.

Registered users can access certain sections of this website that is protected from public access. Included in these sections are the 'electronic permit application' facility and the 'Super Routes' map viewer.

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